A bronze impression from fossilized crinoid stems. I collect these from the river bank in front of my home. This piece eventually ended up in a pendant necklace.

Ancient coins of Greece. Reliefs of coins used to make this design.

Bronze domes of bronze

Saul Bell award in my studio window

Another in my fossil series. The green tones are natural oxidation from the kiln.

The Turquoise bird's nest

Close up of the bird's nest

Carved bronze cuffs

Bronze torque bracelets

Historically inspired necklaces with beautiful sapphire and pearls

Carved bronze cuffs

How to wear a annular brooch

Finished annular brooch with branch design

Group shot on the self in my studio

A little more modern take on the bronze stick collar

Little bronze ring box after firing and finishing

Ring box ready to go into the kiln

Booth shot close up

Finished bronze pendants

Bronze pendants ready for the kiln

Vertebrae necklace

Silver and bronze owl totem necklace

The fishbone collection

A design from my stick collection. The focal stone is a beautiful labradorite stone.

Annular brooch with garnets

Bronze sea urchin brooch with glass urchin bead

Stick and pearl collar. Saul Bell winner, metal clay 2017

Disc earrings post with white pearl drops

Annular brooch with sapphires

Labradorite pendant with bronze branches.

Hammered bronze collar with Labradorite

Coral collar with pearl clusters

Legal imprint