Artist Bio
Cindy has spent her life in the pursuit of creative fulfillment. Cindy studied art at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and began a career in graphic design in 1979. In her mid-thirties, she also became an archaeologist earning a degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Art and Archaeology have been the leading influences in Cindy's life and they have heavily shaped her creative path. Her jewelry designs are an amalgamation of both of these influences. 

Always looking for new creative outlets, Cindy enrolled in a silversmith class while living in Colorado and began applying her skills to jewelry design. Traditional silver work soon lead to the discovery of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which quickly became Cindy's medium of choice. Cindy has been working with metal clay since 2004 and received her PMC certification in 2008. As part of the Metal Clay Master's Registry she has earned a rating of Maters Level II. In May of 2017 Cindy was awarded the Saul Bell Award for Metal Clay. The Saul Bell Award has become one of the most sought after design awards for jewelers and metalsmiths worldwide.

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My Process
I sculpt metal clay wet to achieve fluid designs and then dry them flat or on curved surfaces to create a variety of forms. Once dry, I use wood carving tools and craft knives to refine the shape or carve designs on the pieces. I also create textures by carving, or embossing a variety of materials that can be used to impress textures into the metal clay. Hollow forms are assembled from several pieces using slip made from the metal clay. I sand the dried clay to a smooth surface and place in the kiln to fire. Once the pieces are fired, I add color with colored pencils on the rough unpolished surface of the bronze or silver clay then seal the surface with acrylic. I then polish the areas of the metal that I want to highlight. I sand by hand and use magnetic and rotary tumblers depending on the finish I want to achieve. Sometimes I use traditional metal working techniques to attach found objects and I cut and polish many of the stones I use in my designs. 

Artist Statement "I believe we all respond to art at a primal level. My art is inspired by nature. As an artist and anthropologist I think about how nature has been depicting throughout history and I can't help but feel a connection to artisans of the past that have taken inspiration in nature as well. I study ancient pieces for inspiration and I'm always captivated by the ingenuity, creativity, and artistry I find.”

Piedmont Craftsmen
Alabama Designer Craftsmen Guild
Tennessee Arts and Crafts Association
American Craft Council
Women's Caucus for Art

Past Exhibits/Awards:
2020 - Member's Choice Award, Art in the time of COVID exhibition, The National League of American Pen Women, Huntsville Alabama
2020-2021 Grant Recipient, Alabama Council for the Arts / National Endowment of the Arts
May 2017 - Saul Bell Award, First Place Metal Clay
May and June 2016 -Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, Alabama
September 2015 - 2nd Overall, Riverclay Arts festival in Decatur, Alabama.
April 2014 - Gallery Show, Augusta Staunton Arts Center
May 2013 - Best of Show at the Augusta Staunton Art Show
2011 - Crafthaus exhibition entitled New Directions: Powder metallurgy (Metal Clay) in a sheet Metal WorldJune 
2008 - Contributing artist to the exhibition entitled Cultural Messages: Symbolism Through the Ages at Purdue University

Art Jewelry Magazine Vol 7 Issue 1, Project Column, Article: Make Your First Hollow Metal Clay Bead, and featured in the Gallery Section
Art Jewelry Magazine, July 2009, Featured in Artist Gallery
Art Jewelry Magazine, July 2010, Featured in Artist Gallery
Metal Clay Artist Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 3, Expert Advice column, Article: Collagraphic Texture Sheets, In the News column, one of the featured artist in the coverage of the New Directions exhibition.
BeadStyle Magazine, Vol.8 Issue 6, 2010, The hollow bead created for the Art Jewelry article was featured in a design article for this issue
Fusion: The Journal of the International PMC Guild, Vol 7 Issue 1, 2009
Fusion: The Journal of the International PMC Guild, Vol 8 Issue 2, 2009
PMC Guild Annual, 2010
PMC Guild Annual, 2011
Contemporary Metal Clay Rings, Brynmorgen Press 2012

Cindy has been featured in galleries, and retail shops across the country including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC.

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